Is it just my imagination, or are there a lot more motorcycles on the road these days? From big, rumbling Harley-Davidsons to little, whining Kawasaki’s and Hondas, the highways, byways and freeways seem to be filled with bikes.
Actually, the romance of the “born to be wild” biker world has been percolating in my consciousness. For an activity that used to carry a lot of negative image, motorcycling somehow turned into a pursuit filled with charity, benevolence and good clean fun.
The thought that kept recurring was…why not me? The fastest growing market segment in motorcycling is responsible adults. Given the price tags of some of today’s motorcycles, you’d have to be pretty successful to afford one.
Frankly, the image appealed to me. Here in the sophisticated, elegant environs of Los Angeles, one of the top agents in the residential real estate market would stun the world by zooming up to Open Houses on a fantastic two-wheeled mega-machine! What a picture! What a rule-breaking, free-spirited, “I did it my way” professional I would be!
Naturally, I ran the idea past my better half, Tanya, who always has great perspective on lifestyle issues. She pondered for a few moments then said, “Go right ahead. Just give me a few days first to get my own hobby. I’m thinking of leaping off tall buildings in a Bikini with nothing but a parasol.” I took that as less than a ringing endorsement, and began rethinking my motorcycle plan. Sure, it would be fun. But, that helmet would destroy my hair. And, while black leather is certainly slimming, it would have to be p-r-e-t-t-y hot at least six months out of the year. Plus, I really don’t know any good restaurants in the area that have valets able to handle a “hog.” So, I’ve shelved my plan, at least for now. Sometimes, the way we’ve always done things turns out to be the right way. That’s why when I hear people in our business touting supposedly clever new techniques for handling complex real estate transactions, I listen… but I also question. Most of the time, the answers I get don’t convince me that there are any more critical elements to a high-end deal than expertise, dedication and talent – three characteristics I just happen to have in abundance!
So, when you are on the verge of a transaction in our very special marketplace, I hope your first decision will be to call me at (310)777-6291 or send me an e-mail to [email protected].
I’ll be happy to tell you why Mark Goldsmith Properties is where successful clients return again and again. I’ll be at my desk most days. Not that I’ve given up my open road motorcycle dreams. But, I think I’ll wait until one comes out with the nameplate “Bentley.” And, maybe four wheels.

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Mark’s professional philosophy is that his clients deserve and should be told the truth (even if they don’t want to hear it) as opposed to what they want to hear. Mark has earned a reputation of honesty and integrity, not just with his clients but also among his peers.


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