Independence Day

The always wonderful and exciting celebrations of Independence Day once again brought our patriotic feelings and beliefs to the forefront. I’m sure that you enjoyed the marching bands, stirring speeches and over-the-top fireworks as much as I did.
Of course, for me, the Fourth of July evokes more than the stirrings of national pride and a sense of continuity with the founders of our republic, who endured so much to give us the nation we enjoy today.

For me, Independence Day reminds me of another grand history, the legacy of the Mark Goldsmith name in the residential real property business.

Scholarly tomes won’t tell you about this tradition, so it’s up to me to share it with you now, in the hope that it may help you understand why Mark Goldsmith Properties is so proud both of its long record of leadership and its long and distinguished antecedents.

It all began with the Louisiana Purchase, in 1803. The broker of record? My famous ancestor, James Monroe Goldsmith. “Goldy,” as the family affectionately called him, signed that deal for a healthy $15 million.

In 1821, the task fell to John Quincy Adams Goldsmith to negotiate with Spain for the $5 million Florida Purchase, without which we would never have known such cultural touchstones as grapefruit, hurricanes and the Fontainebleau Hotel.

When America began its westward expansion, whom did the nation call upon but my esteemed forebear, James Gadsden Goldsmith, who successfully negotiated the Gadsden Purchase for large portions of Arizona and New Mexico. The selling price? $15 million.

And, who could forget the Alaska Purchase, handled so deftly by William Seward Goldsmith, who wrapped up the entire deal with Russia for a mere $7.2 million – roughly a penny and a half an acre. Not a bad price by anyone’s standards!
How do I know that all of these real estate titans of the past were all related to today’s Mark Goldsmith? Simple – they all successfully completed sophisticated transactions that resulted in important multi-million dollar deals!

These days, the Goldsmith legacy is focused on luxury properties much closer to home, specifically premium real estate in the hills and throughout the Westside. But, that doesn’t mean that my sights aren’t set just as high as all of the great Goldsmith brokers of the past.

I’ve built the Mark Goldsmith name to mean the epitome of experience, dedication and personal service to the most discerning clients in our upscale marketplace.

If you are contemplating a transaction, why not become a part of that fantastic Goldsmith real estate tradition by calling me today at (310) 200-6697, or by dropping me an e-mail at [email protected]

Of course, you may wonder why the Goldsmith's were not part of that very famous deal between Peter Minuit and the Algonquins for Manhattan Island. Well, the fact is, we were. 

And, Pocahontas Goldsmith looked fabulous each time she held an Open House wearing her $24 worth of Dutch beads!

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