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Everyone knows that old expression; when life gives you lemons, turn them into lemonade. Normally, that maxim would make wonderful sense! But what if you couldn't even get those lemons in the first place?

That's pretty much the case these days, as so many of us throng the supermarkets in our local grocery stores stocking up on essentials in these difficult days of the coronavirus.

If you're like me, you've probably experienced racing through the aisles — always keeping a safe six foot distance between yourself and other shoppers — and been dismayed at the empty shelves.

You most likely found that cans of sauerkraut and wedges of Limburger cheese were keeping their lonely vigils, but milk, bread not to mention toilet tissue and paper towels? As they say in Brooklyn, Fuggadaboutit!

I'm not criticizing the people who stock up on, even "hoard," the important items they believe they will need while stuck at home awaiting medical science's inevitable development of the right weapons to fight this modern plague that's upon us. They're acting in the best interests of themselves, their families and their loved ones.

We all want to get through this crisis in order to return to the lives we love in the communities we have built here. And, we will, God willing, without great loss of lives along the way.

Meanwhile, let's take heart. Although we've never experienced coronavirus until now, in terms of tough times, we've all been here before. Remember SARS? And MERSA? And the Hong Kong flu? And, how about the disastrous Northridge quake??? We survived all of these catastrophes and more, and we came out the other side better and stronger than ever.

All of the important aspects of our lives returned to normal, and none returned faster than our powerful real estate market. And, while we're all legitimately concerned about our having enough anti-virus face masks and necessary medical supplies and equipment, we shouldn't overlook the on-going opportunities in residential real estate.

It may be flying under the coronavirus radar for a while, but make no mistake: the real estate business in our wonderful part of the world is alive and well.
Sellers are still eager to sell. I hear from them every day. Buyers are still clamoring to buy. I hear from them as well!
Deals are there for the making even in these difficult times. To top it all off, interest rates are at historically low rates!
So, if you're looking to make any sort of transaction in residential real estate, don't wait until you've binge-watched every show on streaming media and played every ancient board game you'd stashed away in the attic.
Call me today at (310)200-6697. No matter where you are, quarantined or not, I'll be happy to arrange a "virtual" meeting so you won't have to worry about staying six feet away!
Because grocery stores were all out, I won't be able to offer you that refreshing glass of lemonade. But I can assure you that when you're a client of Mark Goldsmith, you'll never get a lemon! Please stay safe!

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Mark’s professional philosophy is that his clients deserve and should be told the truth (even if they don’t want to hear it) as opposed to what they want to hear. Mark has earned a reputation of honesty and integrity, not just with his clients but also among his peers.


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