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March Madness

In case you recently returned from a space flight to Alpha Centauri, please note that March Madness is once again fast approaching. This madness has nothing to do with cows, although it does appear to be contagious. In fact, between March 18 and April 7 you will have a hard time avoiding it, particularly if you watch TV or glance at the sports page of the newspaper.

Growing up, we always had an appreciation for basketball. But, if you had told us then that college hoops would become a national obsession, we would have said, “Sure. That will happen when the most popular show on television stars a bunch of amateur singers!” So much for our powers of prediction.

Today, nearly 50 percent of Americans consider themselves to be college roundball fanatics. And, this year, the mania should be considerably worse because the networks are offering free streaming video right to your computer. And get this…there is a special feature. It’s a “boss button” that will put a fake spread sheet on your screen if you’re watching at work and the CEO wanders by.

Do you think this phenomenon is because so many of us just can’t get enough basketball? Or that so many of us are loyal alums of Winthrop, South Alabama, George Mason U. and Wichita State? Not a chance. It’s because with 68 teams and all those games, the annual NCAA tournament is a terrific opportunity to gamble!

And, we have no problem with that. It’s human nature to want to wager. Back in the caveman days, we’re sure that Zog and Og used to bet on who could toss the most coconuts into the hollow stump from the free throw tree. (This was before three-pointers and slam dunks.)

But what’s important to remember is that while putting a few bucks down in a sports book can be fun, gambling with your important real estate transactions is a form of madness you don’t want to get involved in any month of the year.

Particularly in our complex sophisticated market place, you want to make sure that your deal is handled by the most experienced, dedicated and successful broker in the business. That, of course, would be…me. You can find me in March or any time at Coldwell Banker right here in the heart of Beverly Hills. Or you can call me at (310) 777-6291.

When it comes to handling every detail of the most challenging deals, there’s nobody more knowledgeable and more hands-on than yours truly. You can take that to the back-board and to the bank!

I’m the expert on luxury residential real estate, which is why I stick to what I know best and don’t advise anyone on their March Madness picks. Back in England we used to say that the “smart money” is the money that stays in your pocket!

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